Are Poaching Kingpins Hugo Ras and Dawie Groenewald Above The Law and Untouchable?

We are all so quick to shout “kill the poachers” but we have to stop and look at who is behind the poachers. Here are a few amongst others: Walther Slippers, Thormahlen, Marnus Steyl, Gert Saaiman, Christiaan van Wyk, George Fletcher, Frans van Deventer.
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Over 1,000 Rhinos Poached Every Year as SA Government Struggles to Implement it’s Own Ban or Find a Solution

TRADE OF RHINO HORN, GOING FORWARD. The recent Constitutional Court dismissal of the Department of Environment’s appeal to keep the ban to trade in rhino horn in place, has become a very controversial subject. The South African government is struggling with a rhino poaching crisis and their attempt to achieve a solution has only seemed to worsen the crisis.
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Letter to President Xi Jinping – Please Protect African Wildlife Like China Protects The Panda! (Video)

Southern African Fight for Rhino (SAFFR) is an organisation based in South Africa, and has been very active, collectively in challenging the rising demand of all animal products, whether domestic or wild. On this basis, we would like to thank the Chinese government for reinstating the ban on lion, tiger and rhino parts in China.
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ANC Regime and Big Business Ignore Major Environmental Concerns Raised for Ocean Exploration and Drilling off the East Coast of SA

In a letter to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for Ocean Exploration and Drilling off the East Coast of South Africa, proposed by the Italian Petroleum Company ENI, SAFFR has raised some serious Environmental Concerns which seem to be ignored.
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SAFFR Gathering: CITES COP17 Conference – 24 September

0pening Speech by Tracy King
Good morning ladies and gentlemen.
Alexia Abnett the founding director of Southern African Fight for Rhinos is attending the Cites Cop17 at the Sandton Convention Centre so unfortunately could not attend here today.
Lex is the driving force behind SAFFR which was born after she had attended the China / Africa Forum in 2015. She realised then that were would be no stopping the poaching of our rhinos and wildlife if nothing was done.
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Finding Solutions to Wildlife / Human Conflict

We have to start thinking about the serious threat of wildlife human conflict. Hunters say the population growth needs to be controlled by hunting.
Game Park management, are able to either sell (auctions bringing in vast sums of money for the government, who will tell you that it goes back into ‘conservation’. However, that is still not enough. The excess animals must be culled or hunted.
FOUL everyone cries. (including me, although I am intelligent enough to realise that solutions need to be found)
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Trophy Hunts Linked to Rhino Horn Smuggling

We are quick to blame foreigners for poaching and feeding the demand for rhino horn and yet do we look at the “boere mafia” and what they get up to? Using Cites loopholes and devious means for smuggling the horns out through trophies that have been taxidermied for export. The likes of Dawie Groenewald, Hugo Ras, Jan Walter Slippers, Lest we also not forget Gert Saaiman of Saaiman Hunting Safaris, and Sandhurst Safaris owner, George Fletcher, along with Frans van Deventer. Despite (allegedly) organizing the killing of at least 19 rhinos in national parks and on private game reserves, and facing multiple charges (including racketeering, money laundering, various counts of theft, malicious damage to property and contraventions of the various provincial Conservation Acts and the Aviation Act), they walked free in 2010, when their case was “struck from the roll”. These local mafia members will continue to get away with murder if our Environmental Department and Legal processes are not tightened up and enforced.
AGAIN – Africa Geographic Original Source: Annamiticus The July 2013 seizure of 24 rhino horns and arrest of 16 suspects in the Czech Republic points yet again to South Africa’s failure to…


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Exposé on Exporting of Rhinos to Australia


As I have been promising you all, an expose regarding our rhino’s demise, I am going to present to you, some of the worst possible information that you probably, will ever hear. Try and be patient please, as this research is not hog wash, and Tracy King and myself have been researching for weeks, and I have been connecting the dots, so that you can all satisfy yourselves as to it being true.

It all began with my expose on Ray Dearloves initiative to export our rhino to Australia, for a so called ‘breeding program’ as an ‘insurance’, in case the South African government allows our rhino to become extinct.

Three things raised red flags:

    1. His friendship with our very own John Hume. ( for those who dont know, he is the largest rhino owner in the world, and de horns his rhino and stockpiles them, in anticipation of the International ban on trade of rhino horn being lifted.) Actually, we have over 300 private rhino owners in SA, and most of them are also de horning for the same reasons.
    2. Investec is going to be financing this export of South African rhino.
    3. There are over 3 million Vietnamese and Chinese who form part of the Australian population.I wrote to the government in Australia, asking some very pertinent questions, and they responded, politically. Skirting the questions, with stupid explanations.

Then things went quiet, although there was this little niggle, always, and so Southern African Fight For Rhino, was born.

For ten years, I have been watching the millions of $ being made on the backs of our slaughtered rhino, and decided that for our rhino to get some respite, or indeed, for them NOT to leave our African shores, I decided that this movement must be taken forward by the Africans themselves.


This niggle would not go away, and so I started to follow the money.


      1. Why would Investec back an initiative that would give them no returns on their money? ( and indeed, there are only six rhino, now, supposedly leaving our shores, and still not a done deal, yet, a huge drop from 20, hey?)
      2. Why the need for 80 rhino, as an ‘insurance’, why not a 1000 and be done with it? (20-50 needed to maintain a healthy gene pool.)
      3. Why has everyone, fallen for this initiative, that has so many unanswered questions, believing that Ray Dearlove is some sort of hero, because HE and HE alone, out of a world population of nearly 8 billion people has the solution to this crisis?
      4. Why is our government, allowing this? Its not just this lot, its our elephants,and rhinos off to USA, China, and now Vietnam?
      5. Why is there no will to stop this continued slaughter, of our rhino, yet we have the means to end it like, in a weeks time?Now, within the last three weeks, this dastardly attempt has reared its head again, and sadly, not only are our very own South Africans believing this, but the Australians are fighting tooth and nail for this to happen! Facebook is alive with the pro and the anti, but not many have actually seen this for what it is. The media is blowing this up so much, and people are being drawn into the frenzy. STOP and THINK!Hence my article now, that will upset you all so much, as it has me.

There is a picture here, far larger than you or I, would ever have believed, but actually, as we have been saying for years and years, its about greed. Its about money. Secret meetings? Conspiracies? YOU BE THE JUDGES.

However, its South Africa’s links to these huge money corporate’s, and specifically Investec, Goldman Sachs, George Soros, members of our own elite, of these organisations, and right up to the Obama government, that we should be worrying about, because, these things are the key as to what and why our rhino are continually poached and exported.”The eccentric financial expert Jean-Pierre van Rossem may have said it best:

“The whole third world is indebted to the banks. And it really is the financial power clique that keeps these countries poor. Why does poverty continue? Because it has a purpose.”

I beg you to read this above article, please!”An ever-expanding world population seriously gets in the way of these things.

Although no politician or journalist will burn his fingers on this topic, helping people of third world countries is actually quite problematic from a strictly geopolitical point of view.

The reasons:

It may upset the balance of power.

There aren’t enough natural resources to support 6,5 billion ( over 7 billion now) people with a high standard of living.

The economic power clique of the West seems to have realized this, judging from internal documents that leaked from the World Bank in recent years.

These documents described the process through which the IMF and World Bank crush third world countries economically by extending their loans only after the leaders of the respective countries have accepted secret and very far-reaching policies of privatization and deregulation.

Lets begin closer to home first. Lets follow the links.


Linked to WWF: (George Soros)

“She served as Chairperson of the South African National Parks Board for six years”.

She also sits on Investecs Board of Directors.



Red Flags!

NGO that seeks to avert and resolve deadly conflicts around the world.

Many of its board members have ties to the far left.

Funded by George Soros’s Open Society Institute.

Other key members of the ICG board include:

Kofi Annan, former secretary-general of the United Nations Samuel “Sandy” Berger, who was President Bill Clinton’s national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, who served as national security adviser to President Jimmy Carter CHERYL CAROLUS, former secretary-general of the African National Congress, and a former member of the South African Communist Party’s “Interim Leadership Group”

GARETH EVANS, an affiliate of the Australian Fabian Society, a socialist organization; he is also an International Advisory Board member of the Centre for the Responsibility to Protect. Joschka Fischer, former Green Party foreign minister of Germany, and a former communist/anarchist affiliate of several known terrorists.

Igor Ivanov,who served as a foreign-ministry official of the Soviet Union, 1973-1983 Jessica Tuchman Mathews, president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and a board-of-sponsors member of the communist-initiated Federation of American Scientists Javier Solana: Known for his Marxist sympathies and his support for Fidel Castro, this former high-ranking official of the European Union was once on America’s list of known subversives. ( they are all ‘friends’ now)

GEORGE SOROS, founder of the Open Society Institute.

Senior Advisor:

CYRIL RAMOPHOSA: This former secretary-general of the African National Congress was a committed socialist and an ally of the South African Communist Party.

Australia link:

“Gareth Evans, a man who bothers me even more, is an affiliate of the Australian Fabian Society, a socialist organization. He was president and chief executive officer of the International Crisis Group from 2000 to 2009.”

(George Soros)

It doesn’t seem to matter where I look, be it Obama, the economy, the UN, one world government, WWF, I keep running into George Soros.

This link is a very very serious one. Please see that Soros owns Obama, and shockingly has Australia big wigs, in his pocket.”He intends to force a sovereign UN based government on the world rather that a nation state model. Soros—the God Father of the Left—with his socialist New World Order goals has become the most dangerous man on planet Earth, because he has the means to do it.”

Operating on an annual budget of $15.5 million, ICG raises funds from governments, charitable foundations, private companies, and individual donors. Among the organization’s key benefactors are the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; the Carnegie Corporation of New York; the Compton Foundation; the David and Lucile Packard Foundation; the Flora Family Foundation; the Ford Foundation; the John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation; the Ploughshares Fund; the Rockefeller Foundation; and the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation. Most notably, in 2008 George Soros’s Open Society Institute pledged to give $5 million to ICG.

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.HILARY CLINTON ( OBAMA Government) major funding by Goldman Sachs. Lots of big names in here. (George Soros).

LAKSHMI N. MITTAL ( Chairman and Chief Executive officer of Acerol Mittal South Africa) TITO MBOWENI, are on the Board of Directors of Goldman Sachs!

George Soros has created problems in China, and indeed they are going at it with each other. So in conclusion, this is it in a nutshell:Investec is ‘advised’ by Goldman Sachs, and the Obama government, has plenty ‘goldies’ in the Administration. George Soros, owns a massive chunk of Goldman Sachs. George Soros, as I have posted above, is the UN, WWF and indeed a few of our own elite are involved with him, or have been in the past.


How much debt are our private rhino owners in? Who do they go to for loans?

Even CITES has been told that their days are numbered, as they have ‘outgrown’ themselves, and must get under the umbrella body, the United nations. ( George Soros)


Secret meetings? Conspiracies? YOU BE THE JUDGES.


This must be enough proof now, that our rhino are going to Australia to be bred for rhino horn harvesting! For MONEY!

This is Our Fight Now

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SAFFR – Scale & Nature of Rhino Horn Trade

Scale & Nature of Rhino Horn Trade

This is a terrible scenario, and it is these people that should be targeted, although I am not sure how, if these countries do not take action, and are quite willing to allow our African heritage to be decimated.Please wake up people, time is running out for our rhino.”Overall, EIA’s records document the seizure of 887kg of rhino horn explicitly linked to Vietnam (30 per cent of total seizures) and 695kg explicitly linked to China (24 per cent of total).”DO WE REALISE HOW MANY RHINO DIED FOR THIS?

Map exposes the scale and nature of rhino horn trade – EIA International. EIA has produced an interactive map of the illegal trade in rhino horn, the latest in a series of visualisations of illegal wildlife trade:

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